Wooden Backyard Playsets – Multi-Activity Play Centers For Kids

backyard wooden playsets

Quality wooden backyard playsets can turn into the hub for all of the fun activities associated with childhood fun. They are forts and playhouses for those important meetings with friends as well as being the multi-activity play centers for kids and exercise. Make your backyard the place to go and keep your kids safe and happy on your own property. Put in a fun quality playset with swings and slides and they won’t want to leave. A playset in the yard will encourage constant exercise and creative role play for your kids and their friends.

Backyard Discovery Vista All Cedar Wood Playset- Assembly Included

Assembly included makes this one a good choice if you are looking for wooden backyard playsets for your kids. The Backyard Discovery Vista All Cedar Wood Playset is an investment that will be the cornerstone for your kids activities for years to come. Part fort and clubhouse and part exercise activity center this can keep multiple kids happy and entertained at the same time. It is big with twin towers, twin slides and challenging monkey bars.

The first tower has a five foot high deck, ladder leading up to it and a sandbox below with a wooden roof. The second tower is extra wide with a 7 foot high deck and an interior loft for those important clubhouse meetings. The extra wide swing beam includes two well spaced out belt swings and there are two 10 inch wide wave slides for energetic and imaginative play and exercise. Don’t forget the monkey bars that are attached to the back. This is a challenging climbing activity that builds muscle and as you know, kids love climbing. This is a playset that combines all of these fun activities in one spot.

No need for any more equipment purchases for your backyard after you get this one installed.

Backyard Discovery Atlantis All Cedar Wood Playset Swing Set

This is a very affordable and popular all cedar wood playset with swings. It has everything that you need to keep the kids having fun for hours every day. It has a raised kids clubhouse with bay windows and a sun porch and a lower fort lookout with a sandbox area. Exit the upper clubhouse via the 8 foot slide while other kids are enjoying the two swings and swing glider on the other side. Great multi-activity center with room for many kids at the same time. Make your backyard the center of activity, the kids won’t want to leave and they can entertain all of their friends in the safety of your own yard. Don’t forget about the climbing wall, just another feature in this action packed affordable playset that doesn’t take up a lot of real estate.

The Atlantis Wooden Swing Set is an affordable multi-child activity center made by Backyard Discovery which is a trusted name for quality.

Backyard Discovery Saratoga All Cedar Wood Playset Swing Set

backyard wooden playsets

All the features in this Saratoga Cedar Wood Swingset including monkey bars, easy step-up ladder, swings, a slide, covered upper deck and an enclosed clubhouse below. It even has a wood covered activity bench outside the clubhouse. Can’t go wrong with this choice for your backyard. It has it all and it’s affordable too.