Walking Stilts – Outdoor Fun For Kids And Adults

outdoor fun for kids and adults

You don’t need to join the circus to master the art of walking stilts. This can be a great way to get some exercise while, improving your balance and coordination skills. This is definitely a whole lot of outdoor fun for kids and adults. Practice makes perfect, and in no time you or your kids could be amazing friends and neighbors with you stilt walking skills. People will look up to you (get it) and who knows, you might want to join the circus with your new mad skills. Take a chance, do something a little different. Get some walking stilts today. Check out this assortment below.

Walkaroo Steel Stilts by Air Kicks with Ergonomic Design for Easy Balance Walking, Assorted Colors (Blue or Red)

Walkeroo brand stilts are easier to use than traditional stilts because of their comfortable ergonomic design. They are made of a rugged tubular steel and the bottoms have large rubber non marking feet for maximum stability. This feature also makes them ideal for outside or indoor practice. Walking on stilts has always been fun and it’s a great way to impress your friends. It will also improve your balance and coordination. These Walkeroo balance sticks are easily adjustable to accommodate kids from 6 years right up to adult size. They have a maximum weight of up to 200 pounds with a range in users from 4.5 feet right up to 6.5 feet. The easy to use design make these stilts the best way to learn for stilt beginners and that means more fun right away.

Walkaroo Wee Balance Stilts for Little Kids & Beginners

It’s the soft easy grip handles and design that makes these stilts ideal for little kids who want to learn stilt walking. These are a great gift and will encourage your kids to get active indoors and out while improving balance, coordination and strength. These are recommended for little tykes 4 years and up. They have a special foot design that makes balance and movement easier. They can be height adjusted between 10 and 15 inches off the ground. Great starter stilts to gain confidence and balance before moving up to regular stilts.

ALEX Toys Active Play Ready Set Stilts

Learn to walk on stilts with the ALEX Toys fully adjustable and kid friendly model. They are recommended for kids 5 years and older and have the ability to grow with your child. After skills improve you can replace the training bottoms with the no skid caps. This set comes with two fully adjustable stilts, 2 soft grip handles, 2 sets of feet and some instructions to get you going.

Hijax Advanced Size Stilts for Active Kids (Made-In-America)

These are advanced stilts for when the kids have mastered the smaller beginner sizes. They have a stop height of of 17 inches and are designed for kids roughly eight to eleven years old. They support up to 155 pounds and users up to 56 inches tall. Made of lightweight durable materials with a full looped handle design that comes up to the waist. Your kids can take their skills to a higher level on these stilts. No handle under the armpits with this design allowing for better mobility and opening up a whole bunch of new moves. Hijax are a quality made in the USA product.

Here is a short video showing the Hijax Stilts in action.