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Wading Pools For Dogs

dog pool

Sure, the backyard is all about the kids, but don’t forget about the pooch! He’s part of the family too. We all like a quick dip in the pool during those hot summer days. Well, so does the dog, and as good luck would have it, you can get wading pools for dogs. There are many good reasons to get your dog his own wading pool.

  • It’s a great way to get your dog used to water, before he dives into a real lake.
  • After a long walk or run, the old pooch can just jump right in to cool off.
  • Having a wading pool can be a good place to wash muddy paws or give fido a quick bath.
  • Having his own pool will keep the dog out of your pool if you have one.

A pool specifically built for dogs using heavy duty PVC is the best route to go when shopping for a wading pool for your dog. They are portable and sturdy at the same time. Keep your dog cool and happy this summer with one of these quality wading pools.

Guardian Gear Splash About Dog Pool

Guardian makes the pool in three different sizes so you will be able to choose the one that is right for your dog. The large pool measures 63″ in Diameter and 11.8″ High. It is made of extra tough PVC for lasting use. These pools are portable and easy to transport and store in the winter months.

Ethical Pool Products Dog “Cool Pool”

The “Cool Pool” is for smaller dogs and measures 31″in Diameter and 8″ High. It requires no inflation meaning easy setup and has a plug for easy drainage. Made with 100% PVC.