Toys For Boys Age 7

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What are the best toys for boys, age 7?

At the age of 7 you will have noticed significant changes in your child’s development. The reason for this is that 7 is normally the age when the frontal and temporal lobes grow enormously. These lobes control cognitive function and emotional control. The ages from 7-10 are a time when you will notice a marked level of maturity. The age of 7 is also known as the age of reason. Children become more emotionally developed and especially boys, will cry a lot less.

At this age the child will develop morals and a better understanding of what is fair and unfair. Interactive games with friends and family are a great bonus for this type of learning. This is an age where boys are very physical and need to be taught through play the acceptable level of physical aggression. Structured games that require taking turns and fair play are excellent choices at this age.

It is important for a parent to supervise but to also let children of this age work out some things for themselves with their friends or siblings. There should also be a healthy balance of game play interaction that encourages and stimulates both mental and physical growth.

Here are some good choices:

POOF-Slinky – Scientific Explorer Magic Science for Wizards Only Kit, 9- Activities, 0SA247

Recommended for 6 years and up with parental supervision. This kit comes with (9) “magical” scientific activities to create and perform. Scientific Explorerer is the industry leader in fun, educational and activity-based science kits.This safe and fun activity comes with a step by step manual for learning, creativity and fun.

Zing Bundle including Air Hunterz Z Curve Bow, Huntress, and Mega Target

This bundle contains 3 items. 1 bow and arrow set for a boy and one designed for a girl. Both designed with safety in mind. It comes with a wall target that can be used for indoor play as well. The suction cup arrows will stick to almost anything. The arrows are made of soft safe foam. Great for indoor or outdoor fun. Develop coordination and accuracy as well as taking turns in a structured game if desired. These items are available to purchase individually as well.

Flybar Foam Maverick Pogo Stick (Black/Silver)

This pogo stick is great exercise. For ages 5-9 is designed for beginners. The rugged metal frame is covered with a safe foam and has extra wide and deep footpads and easy grip handles for stability. It comes fully assembled and can support kids between 40-80 pounds. Pogo jumping is great exercise and can be done individually or with a group of friends.


RingStix is a new and fun outdoor game. It comes as a complete set for two players including 4 stix, 1 red ring and 1 glow in the dark ring. This award winning toy can be played alone, by 2 persons or in a group. Fun game can be played anywhere including in the water.

Franklin Sports Go Pro Youth Football Goal Post Set

Features include an adjustable goal post made with PVC and a water fill base. It comes with an authentic micro football with kicking tee and a pump with inflation needle. An introduction to football with a chance to improve hand eye coordination and build confidence levels. Practice alone or make a game of it with friends and family.

Toysmith Build and Paint a Birdhouse #2957

Everything you need to make and decorate a bird house. Includes birdhouse paints and brush. Perfect rainy day activity to boost the creativity.

Diggin PopOut Ring Toss

Classic game of ring toss for indoor and outdoor fun. Play alone or with family and friends. Great for hand eye coordination and social interaction with friends. Folds up for easy transport.

Lifetime Ace Flyer Teeter Totter, Earthtone Color

This is a fun backyard addition that will keep the kids occupied for years. For ages 3-12 it adjusts to 3 different heights to grow with the kids. This 8’x 8′ unit holds up to seven kids and is a multi function play set. An exciting double teeter totter airplane. It has up and down and side to side see saw action and the kids can pretend to fly a plane with a double seat cock pit, spinning wheel and propeller. This one time investment will grow with the kids and last for years. Great exercise and imagination builder.

Franklin Sports Baseball Target Indoor Pitch Set, 36-inches X 24-inches

This 36 x 24 inch baseball target pitch game fits on most doors for indoor use. Comes with great baseball graphics and includes self stick baseballs. For ages 7 years and up. Introduction to baseball with hours of safe indoor fun.

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