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Top 10 Backyard Toys Under $20

flicken chicken

Setting up your backyard for summer fun doesn’t have to break the bank.  Instead of making a larger purchase this summer, why not give the kids a variety of games and toys to choose from?  We have put together a list of the top 10 backyard toys under $20.  Stay on budget this summer and give your kids a great selection of activities that will keep them outside and active for hours every day.

Champion Sports Ring Toss Set

The Sports Ring Toss Set is a great activity for the backyard or bring it to a picnic or camping.  The ring toss can help improve hand-eye coordination, precision, accuracy and basic addition skills with the scoring.  Set includes 5 pegs with score numbers and 4 rings in 2 different colors for competitive play.  Increase the degree of difficulty for older kids by moving targets farther apart.  Constructed of wood making it ideal for indoor or outdoor use.
US Games Fun-Air Scoop Ball

Complete set of two throwing scoops and a softball sized fun ball.  This lacrosse style throw and catch game keeps a couple of kids active and having fun all day and also helps develop hand eye coordination.
Wham-o Mini Frisbee Golf Set (Colors Vary)

Designed for ages 5 and up this mini Frisbee golf set game can be played indoor and out.  It features six Mini Frisbee Discs and one Frisbee Golf target.  Metal chains are designed to catch the Frisbee Discs.





RingStix Lite

Ring Stix is a new outdoor game.  A player uses his stix to propel a ring to his partner who catches it on his stix and in turn flings it back.  The game is great fun and is played between partners at about 30 feet apart although with practice the ring can sometimes fly 50 yards or more.  Each game contains a full set for two players: 4 Stix (orange, green, purple and blue) and 1 Red Flying Ring.  Rated at number 2 for fun on out top ten list.
Wham-o Slip N Slide Wave Rider

The original backyard slide.  Easy setup with 1 connect-n-go with self filling bumper.  For ages 5 to 12 this fun and refreshing slip n slide includes a 15 foot slide area and has 2 bonus Slide Googies Included.  Includes Splash Pool for hydroplaning.  Great exercise while cooling off in that summer sun.
Nerf N-Strike Jolt Blaster (blue)

Ages 8 and up.  This mini blaster comes with two foam elite darts and at $5.99 you can arm each of your kids with their own blaster.  They will spend hours chasing each other around and getting a great day of exercise outside in the summer months.
Triumph Sports Glow Backyard Darts

This all plastic construction kit comes with four large backyard darts with soft tips, weighted bottoms and glowing wings and two glowing target rings.  The perfect game for all outdoor adventures.  Players take turns tossing their darts towards the target rings at the opposite end of the playing area.  The first player or team to reach 21 wins. Don’t worry about quitting when the sun goes down, all of the game pieces glow in the dark and are charged automatically in the sun during the day.  We think this game is pretty cool and it also comes with a handy carrying case for easy pack up and transportation.


Champion Sports Rubber Horseshoe Set

The rubber horseshoe set is a lighter alternative to steel horseshoe sets.  Hours of fun for any outdoor event and comes with 2 rubber mats with stakes and 2 plastic stakes, so you can play indoors or out.  The 4 rubber horseshoes come in two different colors for two-player contests.
6 Feet Play Tunnel Toy Tent

Great fun for little kids 12 months and up.  Lightweight tent with water proof material is great for indoor or outdoor use.  Folds flat when not in use allowing easy transport to bring wherever you are going.  Easy pop up and no tools required for an easy setup.  This colorful addition to your backyard will provide the little ones with hours of crawling fun and exercise.
Flickin’ Chicken

Last but not least is our top pick for fun backyard games under $20 The Flickin’ Chicken throwing game.  This insanely fun game will provide your family with plenty of summer memories and laughs.  Great family fun for two to four players of any age.  Players toss the target to get started, then take turns flickin’ their chicken at the target. After nine rounds the player with the lowest score wins.  Sounds pretty easy until you see how these rubber chickens bounce and roll all over the place.  The game includes 4 rubber chickens, a target disc and a score pad for 2-4 players.  This game is a load of fun wherever you play it.  Just order it, you and your family will be happy that you did.

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