Squap – Fun Outdoor Game For Kids

fun outdoor game for kids

Squap is a fun outdoor game for kids and the whole family. Get outside and active with this game that is fun for the entire family. This is a new game to North America but in Europe Squap has already sold a couple of million sets. There is a reason why it is a great seller. It is an active catch ball game that is simple and easy to learn. Place the ball in the Squap mitt and quickly open your hand. The ball will launch itself in the air and can be caught by snapping the mitt shut. Fun for the whole family……and it will get your kids away from sitting around indoors playing games. Your kids will be eager to get outside and exercise with this fun incentive.

fun outdoor game for kids

This is a catching game for kids. There are many skills involved and will help kids develop athletically in a safe and fun way.

Squap is an award winning toy with a lot of great reviews. Now available to order online right here.

This is a great game for exercise, hand to eye coordination and can be played by kids right up to adults. It is suitable for all kids over six years and can be played in pairs or in a group. Need some alone time……no problem, Squap can also be played by yourself against a wall. Hours of fun with all of your friends or practice your skills by yourself……it’s all good fun with this new game.

This is a game that can kick start your child’s motor movement and coordination skills and get them ready for baseball. Squap combines and mimics the catching motions and skills to improve their baseball skills early and in a fun way. Great for younger kids that haven’t developed the hand strength for a real glove yet.

Take your Squap Set with you. Great for indoor and outdoor play at home but it’s portable and can go anywhere that you go. Family trips, beach, cottage……you name it. It comes with two paddles and four balls and it is compact enough to pack and travel anywhere.

Summary of Product Features for the Squap Game

This is a new indoor and outdoor game that will encourage your kids to exercise and stay active wherever they go. It’s an easy game that is fun for the whole family. Open the mitt to launch the ball and snap it to catch. This game is a whole lot of fun but it’s also compact and portable for easy storage and travel.

If your kids are a bit too young for a real baseball glove, this game will allow them to develop catching and baseball skills early. Great game for anyone six years and up and it’s a fun way to develop hand to eye coordination and motor skills.

If you are running out of gift ideas for your kids……this is new and it’s fun too.

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