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backyard climbing toys

It’s springtime and time to line up some fun stuff for your kids. Backyard climbing toys are the best when it comes to the combination of fun and exercise. Get those little muscles and smiles going with the Sports Climber by Step2.. Fun, colorful and affordable makes this one a great addition to your backyard. It doesn’t take up a lot of real estate and it will become the focal point for your kids and their friends this outdoor season. Your little guys and gals will have a blast with the Game Time Sports Climber by Step2.

It is a multi-purpose activity set in addition to being a climbing toy. Your kids will dunk, slide, climb, kick and even crawl with this durable and well built system. Dunking and shooting hoops is just the beginning with the built in basket. Practice kicking a goal or crawl through, there are so many games to play. Youngsters can develop their motor skills and muscles by climbing up the ladder and slipping down the slide.

 The active play, smiles and fun never ends with the Game Time Sports Climber!.

backyard climbing toys

Summary of Product Features for the Sports Climber by Step2

There is a crawl through tunnel with a built in score keeper for endless creative play. The sturdy well built system features a climbing ladder, soccer goal, basketball hoop and toss through wall. This is a great multi-purpose activity backyard climbing toy. It will help to develop shooting, kicking and tossing skills with a multi-purpose sports ball included. The recommended maximum weight for this system is sixty pounds or 27.2 Kg. Get this one and the kids will never want to stop, it’s so much fun.

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