Snow Sleds For Kids

Winter snow sledding.

Fast and exciting. That’s what I remember about sledding down the local snow covered hill when I was a kid. Snow sleds for kids have come a long way since my childhood. So many cool colors and designs to choose from. Made from plastic, wood or even inflatables, there is a sled for every sized kid and you should have no trouble finding something that your kids will love. Single occupancy sleds for the older kids and multiple person sizes as well, so that you can have some fun with the smaller kids. Remember to be safe and wear a helmet. When the snow starts to fall, make sure that you are ready to show the kids a great time on the local hills.           

Okay now, let em rip, it’s sledding time.


HearthSong Connecting Sled Winter Fun

Flying saucer sleds that can be joined together for double or triple the fun. Each sled is sold separately and can be joined together. They come with a nylon strap which can join them together. They are also fast, with slick vinyl bottoms they are made for speed.

Lucky Bums Snow Kids Toboggan Sled, 35-Inch, Blue

Classic one person sled with built in handles. Includes a pull rope for towing back up the hill. Made from durable plastic it comes with a limited lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.

SPORTSSTUFF 30-1102 Snopedo Snow Sled

This is an inflatable sled with really cool and colorful racing graphics. It is made with a heavy-guage 6p PVC with Cold-Crack additive. Grab onto the oversized built in handles and away you go.

Zipfy Freestyle Mini Luge Snow Sled, Blue

This lightweight mini luge is only 3.5 lbs making it easier for the walk back up the hill. It is recommended for 5 years and up and has a max weight limit of 250lbs. It is available in multiple colors and built for speed. The feet first design makes it easy to stop and control speed.

Body Glove 55″ Snow Sled – Blue Glow/Red Glow Graphic (Colors Vary)

This high performance snow sled has four heavy duty grip handles and the bright glowy colors will stand out on the hill. It’s bottom is designed with a new snow tunnel system as well as impact shock absorbing high density EPS core foam construction.

Snow Sliders Ski-Doo Motion-X Snow Sled

Lightweight aluminum alloy frame makes it easy to carry up the hill. It has a revolutionary front ski design that swivels 60 degrees which makes it possible for sharp turns when zipping down the hill.

Flexible Flyer PT Blaster

This is a sleek machine with a fully functional steering wheel and a spring activated brake to help maintain control. Recommended for ages four and older. It’s features allow for more control when whipping down the hill as opposed to the saucer and inflatable sleds.

Okay, now get out there, be safe, and have fun.


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