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Slacklining Is Good Exercise – Become a Slacker Now

Fantastic news everybody, slacklining is good exercise. It is now socially acceptable to be a slacker and it’s about time. Unfortunately for old time slackers like myself, this kind of slacking requires plenty of effort, practice and discipline. Slacklining is kind of like tight rope walking except that the line is bouncy and flexible instead of being rigid. It started in the eighties using rope climbing equipment and has been gaining popularity recreationally and as a sport in recent years.

Slacklines are everywhere these days. You can find them set up in backyards, parks or beaches, practically anywhere that there are trees or posts to anchor them. Having good balance doesn’t hurt, but you don’t need to be a flying Wallenda Brother to enjoy slacklining. They can be set up between posts pretty low to the ground for safety. If you practice for a while and get good at it, it’s a whole lot of fun.

Slacklining does come with a risk of injury from falling off the line awkwardly and is not recommended for pre-teens unless directly supervised and assisted by an adult.

For older kids and adults there are some great benefits of slacklining:

  • It improves your balance
  • Gets you exercising and having fun at the same time
  • Strengthens leg and core muscles
  • Improves focus and mental concentration
  • Allows you to make new friends; everybody wants to try it when they see you do it

If you have a pool you can set up a slackline over the water for hours of fun, bouncing, diving and flipping off the line and into the water.

If you or your kids get really good at it maybe you could enter one of a number of competitions that are gaining in popularity. Some forms of contests involve how long you can actually stay on a line without falling off. Others involve stunts or tricklining, doing such things as handstands, the splits, twisting, bouncing, walking backwards and even doing flips.

slack tricks


You’ve probably seen some slackers performing tricks at your local parks over the past few summers. It’s getting more popular all the time. Some people with extraordinary balance are even using their slacklines to practice yoga.

Setting up a slackline in your backyard is just one more inexpensive way to make your place the most popular yard in the neighborhood.

Put up a line in your backyard, become a slacker, but in a good way of course.

 Become a slacker here.

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