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Science Toys For Boys

science kit

Okay, just relax. The girls are included here too. It’s just that science toys for boys has such a nice ring to it. Learning about, and having fun with science, should be a part of every kids childhood. The discovery of how things work should be hands on, and there is a scientific toy that will be just right for your child, no matter what age or skill level.

Making it fun, and owning a science kit that they can call their own, is the first step in developing an interest in science and technology. You just never know what interest will resonate with your kids until they are introduced to it. It could be magnets, electricity, animals, rockets, light, sound, space or even physics. Get them into it when they are young and it could be the beginning of a life long hobby or career.

Remember when you were young. Everything was amazing and fun to learn. Get your kids interested and asking questions now. Science is magic and wonderful, share it with your kids.

Be Amazing Toys Big Bag Of Science

More than 70 fascinating activities included. This is a parent choice award winner and is great for science fair projects. The recommended age is 8-12. Learn about polymers and superabsorbents. I don’t even know what they are, if only I had this amazing kit when I was a kid. Science in a bag, let your kids amaze their friends with this great kit.

POOF-Slinky – Scientific Explorer My First Mind Blowing Science Kit, 11-Activities, 0SA221

Ages 4 years and up with parental supervision. Allows your young scientist to explore and learn the basics of science from chemical reactions to the use of basic science tools. Spark your child’s curiosity in science with detailed step by step science experiments. Scientific Explorer is the industry leader in fun, educational and activity-based science kits.

Learning Resources Primary Science Lab Set

Recommended for 4 years and up this kit features real science tools perfectly sized for little hands. This colorful set entices children to experiment and explore, encouraging early hands-on science investigations at the kitchen table. Includes an activity guide and 10 double sided activity cards.

POOF-Slinky – Scientific Explorer Magic Science for Wizards Only Kit, 9- Activities, 0SA247

Science and magic go hand in hand with this kit. For ages 6 years and older with parental supervision. Unique educational make-it-yourself kit will teach you about the science behind the magic. Cast color changing spells, make powders dance and create magical potions. Magic, imagination and science makes this kit a winner with the kids.

The Magic School Bus – Chemistry Lab

This kit comes with 51 illustrated colorful experiment cards. The bus shaped kit is a chemistry lab. Recommended for ages 5-12, the children will get to learn chemistry concepts while carrying out fun activities including creating wake-up fungus, performing chromatography, making mild rainbow and plate copper. Every experiment is a lesson in fun. Every stores in the bus at the end of the day for easy transport.

Educational Insights Nancy B’S Science Club Microscope And Activity Journal

For kids 8-11 this includes 40+ piece dual microscope and 22 page journal. Real life journaling activities provide hands-on science experiences. Get kids comfortable and excited about science, looking at chrystals, observing bugs and viewing critters in water are all part of this experience.

OWI 14-in-1 Solar Robot

This solar powered robot can be transformed into 14 different robot modes. Powered by the sun, no batteries required. Recommended for ages 8-15 this is a challenging and fun activity. There are two levels or robot building with this kit. Level one includes: Turtle-bot, Beetle-bot, Quadru-bot, Boat bot etc. after mastering the first level, there is a second more challenging set of bot builds. Speed of movement for the robots is determined by the strength of the sun and it is built for both land and water. Robotics technology is challenging and fun for boys and girls.

ScienceWiz / Inventions Kit

This kit is a fantastic and challenging experience for anyone between 8 and 80. Build a motor, a telegraph a light-flashing generator and a real radio with this award winning kit. Step by step 3D directions and the use of everyday materials brings clarity to how things work. It includes a 48 page book and materials for your creations. The full color illustrations present central scientific concepts which allow children to discover the “why” as well as the “how” of these great projects.

Educational Insights Geosafari Talking Microscope

For the younger scientist between 5-7 this is the perfect first microscope. Great for introducing scientific observation. Features a dial children can turn to listen to fun facts about what they are seeing on the prepared slides of common insects. It also challenges kids to remember what they have learned in an electronic quiz game. Magnifies 5x and provides a light for easy, close-up viewing.

4M Weather Station Kit

Learn about your climate while tracking weather changes and conducting experiments on the greenhouse effect. Includes everything you need and assembly instructions.You can also create a terrarium and a “Green Science Project.” Recommended for ages 8-15.

SmartLab Toys Squishy Human Body

More than just a toy and a book, SmartLab products satisfy and engage a child’s curiosity. Science becomes an adventure and each SmartLab package contains everything kids need to explore and understand the mysteries of science. For ages 8-12. With this hands on kit and tour guide, kids enter the twisted world of the human body. Complete with removable squishy organs as well as representative skeletal, vascular and muscular systems. Leads to an understanding of how all of the body parts function.


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