Preschool Learning Toys

Preschool learning tools.

Top of the class is a goal that most parents have when it comes to their children’s future. There are a few surefire ways of helping to achieve that goal and they start before kid’s ever set foot in the classroom. Preschool learning toys are the logical choice to get your kids off to the best start. With so many choices on the market these days, it can be a daunting task to pick the best ones for your children. The packaging and hype can promise the world but if your kid doesn’t love it. Try something else.

A lot of learning systems have just the right mix of color, interaction and fun. Combine that with learning tools for specific skills and you’ve got yourself a winner. Interactive toys can introduce preschoolers to numbers, letters and social skills while at the same time developing their physical skills like motor movement and vocalization. Choose something that fits in with your child’s learning style. Some are visual learners, some respond better to listening toys while others are tactile learners that do well with highly interactive systems. 

A good choice is also a toy that will grow with your child. Some have different levels of play that will advance as the child progresses. Economically speaking, sometimes it’s better to pay more now for something that will be useful for a longer period of time. Even simple toys like building blocks will be used in different ways as the kids develop and grow.

Learning Resources Froggy Feeding Fun

For ages 3 to 6 this Learning Toys Brand does a lot of things well. It strengthens fine motor muscles and hand eye coordination on the physical side and on the learning side it encourages number and color skills. Roll a cube to determine which flies to eat is the fun part of the game. It includes 2 durable rubber frogs, 60 flies, an instruction manual and color and number cubes.

Teach My Preschooler Learning Kit

The preschooler learning kit teaches school readiness skills in a step-by-step teaching guide that allows the parent to provide active teaching and bonding time. This kit includes 71 pieces including readers, flashcards, magic drawing board, foam numbers and more. Great choice for something that is parent child interactive as opposed to electronic.

400 Pieces Creative BUILDING TOY Developmental Geometric Connecting Shapes Preschool Motor Skills Teachers Aid Educational/OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY

Building toys are great for development both physically and mentally. Motor skills, decision making, learning geometric shapes and colors are all part of the features for this toy. This is a popular choice for many children and provides hours of opportunity for fun and learning. Clip the colored geometrical shapes into each other and come up with a different and creative result every time.

Peaceable Kingdom / Snug as a Bug in a Rug Award Winning Preschool Skills Builder Game

This is a very social activity and can be for up to four players aged 3 and up. Players work together to hide matching bugs under the rug. When the kids go to bed, you can play, that’s how much fun this game is. It is an award winning toy from Peaceable Kingdom with three play levels enabling it to grow with your kids. Teaches numbers, colors and shapes in a fun way.

LeapFrog My Own Leaptop, Green

Leapfrog is a brand that is known for quality learning toys. Learn the alphabet and how to spell your own name for starters. This toy has four learning modes. ABC’s Messages, Games and music. This pretend computer lets the little one role play and as you probably know, all kids want to mimic grown up activities. Children learn basic computer literacy skills typing on the laptop while learning letter sounds and animal names. Includes many different games and activities for hours of learning and fun.

VTech Alphabet Apple

Designed for kids aged 2 to 5 years this interactive learning toddler toy has 8 learning activities and different levels. It introduces phonics, time concepts, music, words and more. Lots of colorful action with its 26 flashing light-up buttons and 29 songs and melodies. The handy built in carry handle will make it easy to take anywhere.

Learning Resources Primary Science Lab Set

Nothing like a colorful science lab that is built for toddlers. The activity cards introduce kids to the magic of science. Experiment with color mixing and use the five senses to explore and observe. Your kids will discover common science vocabulary and take part in science experiments. Goggles, tweezers, magnifying glass and activity guide are just a few of the many pieces included in this kit.

ALEX Toys Little Hands Ready, Set, School

This is a great skill building set for your preschooler. It is an award winning toy that includes four wipe away books with marker, 8 finger crayons, safety scissors, 2 stencils, 15 activity pages with stickers and more. It is recommended for 3 years and up and will teach some basics like the alphabet, tie your shoes. All in all a great learning toy for both the physical and mental growth.



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