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KanJam Ultimate Disc Game is one of those outdoor family games that you can bring out at any gathering because it’s always fun. Great for any activity like birthdays, barbecues, sports days because it’s a great game for all ages abilities. This is a game that can be played at all levels and it’s a great way to get some exercise and fresh air.

Take advantage of the summer season by bringing this game anywhere……the beach, camping, cottage or in the privacy of your own backyard. The game is affordable and designed for multi-person play……or practice on your own to get ready to kick butt when the game starts for real.

Kan Jam is a great party game. This set includes two high quality, portable goals, a custom designed and official flying disc from KanJam and instructions on how to play.

Here are some basic rules:

  • You throw the disc towards the goal and your partner tries to deflect it in the goal.
  • You can earn one point from the redirected (deflected) hit, and you get two points if the disc hits the goal directly without deflection.
  • Earn three points if your partner deflects the disc right into the goal.
  • Become an instant winner if you can throw the disc directly into the goal with no partner help.
kanjam ultimate disc game

Lots of ways to score in this action packed family game

It’s a great way to spend the day with family and friends. A little competition and a few laughs in the great outdoors. This game is completely portable. It’s easy to pack and even easier to set-up. It’s a must for camping and tailgating and designed for all ages and abilities. KanJam is made to last many seasons with quality lightweight, durable and weather-proof materials. This game is made in the USA.

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