Outdoor Elliptical Bike – The StrideRide Hybrid Cardio Bike

StrideCore Sport 9R Exercise Bike

They are pretty new and pretty fun. This outdoor elliptical bike rates highly on our list of fun ways to exercise. This innovative bike is one size fits all and can be used by the whole family. Biking has been a staple activity for families since they were invented. During the spring and summer seasons it’s one of the best ways to cover distance quickly while taking in the fresh air and scenery. Exercise has always been a big part of biking and the StrideRide outdoor elliptical bike takes it to a whole new level.

StrideCore Sport 9R Exercise Bike

Here are some quick features of the StrideRide Hybrid Cardio Bike:


This is a full body, low impact cardio workout in the great outdoors.

One size fits all members of your family. The StridRide has 9.5 inches of handlebar adjustment so that riders form 5’2″ right up to 6’4″ get the perfect fit.

With the Patented Ergo drive system you can change your workouts “on the go” from glutes to quads by changing your stride. You won’t be sitting down on the job with this bike. It takes your lower body workout to a whole new level.

The StrideRide puts you in a riding position that reduces stress on the back, neck and shoulders and that will provide you with perfect and pain free ergonomics.

Using the optional trainer add on you can bring the bike inside and use it all winter.

This new bike will quickly become your “go to” fun way to exercise. You sure won’t get bored and while you’re at it this exciting bike will burn calories 40% faster than a traditional bike. Add a couple of hills into your routine and you will be in tip top shape and ready to take on anything. This bike builds lean muscle throughout your body including your core.

You can cruise up to 20mph while employing the nine built in speeds and gears. You will be surprised at how well this bike conditions your upper body. Because it’s not a traditional sit down bike your riding position and action is great for building your shoulder and upper body muscles.

The comments and satisfied customers for this bike are many and glowing.

Fun, legs, cardio,upper body and the great outdoors. What’s not to like?


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