Little Tikes Go Green Playhouse For Toddlers

Plastic Playhouse For Toddlers

The Little Tikes “Go Green” Playhouse For Toddlers is made with 10% recycled plastic. That’s a good thing. An even better thing is that it is a whole lot of fun for your kids. Recommended for kids over two years old. The Go Green plastic playhouse will become the “go to” backyard toy for your kids and their friends this summer. It’s also from Little Tikes, a toy company with a history of fun and quality products. Teach the kids about the importance of recycling and the environment with the hands on experience of this playhouse.

The Go Green playhouse is full of fun activities and adventure with a theme that encourages them to think about nature and the environment. It’s also a great clubhouse for those important toddler meetings and role play games. This fun little house comes with it’s own solar panel power energy-efficient LED lights. Combining practicality, fun and learning is what makes this the best plastic playhouse for kids. In keeping with the “Green” theme of this activity play set it comes with a pump sink and attached rain barrel. Get them thinking about the joys of gardening with the planting box and living roof that are part of this house.

Plastic Playhouse For Toddlers

The recycling bins give kids a space to collect and reuse items. This is a truly fun playhouse that will give the kids a chance to role play and get excited about going green. It’s never too young to introduce learning values that can last a lifetime.

Summary of Product Features for the Little Tikes Go Green Playhouse:

This is a great learning activity center for your kids. The Go Green clubhouse for toddlers will teach them about the environment in a hands on and fun way. It is for children 2 years and older and is made with 10% recycled plastic. There is a small roof section that can be used for soil and planted with grass seed to create a living roof. The roof section opens for ventilation and there is a planting box and a water reservoir that is fed by a rain barrel. This playhouse also comes with some fun accessories like a rake, shovel, watering can and even a mailbox.

There is a working door with a doorbell and the working pump sink can be removed for use outside the playhouse. It even has solar panels to power the interior LED lights. WOW! Recycling is the theme here with the packaging printed with patterns to create a birdhouse. There is also a little booklet to teach your kids all about the features of the playhouse. If you are looking for an affordable activity toy that combines learning and fun, this is the ticket. Get your backyard ready to go for the outdoor season.

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