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kids climbing toys

Welcome to the fun world of kids climbing toys. The TP Toys Explorer 2 Platform And Tent Climbing Set is a combo Jungle Gym with a tent on top. Endless possibilities are possible for both exercise and imagination. Your kids and all of their friends can share some fun role playing and fresh air as they play in the safety of your own backyard. This is a set that is made to challenge the kids physically and creatively. They will be having so much fun that they won’t even know how good this is for them.

If you have kids between three and ten this is a must have for your backyard. Start planning now to keep them occupied all summer. Multiple kids can play together on this great climbing structure that has a maximum weight of 220 pounds. The frame is built with durability in mind and the Explorer 2 Playset is made with a premium and galvanized steel. The tent play area on the top is fashioned with a mesh vinyl play form and a polyester canopy for safety. Kids can meet at the top, hold a secret meeting with the roll up doors, and look out from the built in round viewing windows.

TP Toys Explorer 2 Platform And Tent Climbing Set Jungle Gym is a combination of activities. Part climbing toy, part clubhouse and all fun. This will be a great addition for your backyard. The kids will have no problem sleeping after a fun day of climbing and exercise in the backyard. This is a toy that has an adjustable frame to grow with your kids. The frame can be lowered or extended from twenty two right up to 47 inches as the kids grow.

Summary of Features for the TP Toys Explorer 2 Platform And Tent Climbing Set Jungle Gym

This is a great multi-purpose climbing structure for kids. You will become the most popular backyard in the neighborhood when you put this up. Climbing is one of the best exercises for physical growth and coordination. Combine the physical exercise with the other creative possibilities and you know that this is a must have toy for your backyard. Get all the kids together for some fun role playing games. The tent on top will make a great playhouse or fort for secret meetings and games. Multiple kids can play and laugh together as this sturdy and durable frame is good to a maximum of 220lbs.

Premium galvanized steel constructed frame along with a mesh vinyl platform and a polyester canopy provide optimum safety for kids. The frame is also adjustable to make the tent higher or lower to grow with your kids. You won’t need to buy something else next year.

The TP Toys Explorer 2 Platform And Tent Climbing Set Jungle Gym also has round viewing windows to stair at the sky. This tent playhouse fort also has roll up doors to keep out aliens and intruders. That’s a must for secret meetings and fun.

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