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Kids Backyard Party Ideas – 51 Themes to get you started

Kids Themed Parties

If you are looking for kids backyard party ideas then you came to the right place. Every good party starts with a theme. Just browse the list and find a party idea that the kids will enjoy. Of course these are just themes. Once you know what kind of party you are having, then do your research on that topic. You’re only limited by your own imagination. Set your budget (I know it’s so easy to go over when it comes to pleasing your kids). The more popular your choice is  (like fairies for example) –  the more likeley you’ll be able to find stuff on the cheap at dollar or discount stores.

Here is a list of kids backyard party ideas:

1. Camping Party

2. Scavenger Hunt

3. Kids BBQ

4. Jewelry Making Party

5. Karaoke Party

6. Outdoor Movie Party

7. Future Party: Come dressed as what you want to be when you grow up

8. Carnival

9. Scrapbooking Party

10. Twilight – Vampire Party

11. Glow in the Dark Party: Sew or put reflective tape on clothes. Get some glow sticks and flashlights for night time fun.

12. Zombie Party

13. Pool Party

14. Miniature Golf in the Backyard

15. Outdoor Science Fair

16. Your Kids Favorite Superhero

17. Your Kids Favorite T.V. Show

18. Your Kids Favorite Color Party: Pink Party, Yellow Party etc…

19. Your Kids Favorite Cartoon

20. Bouncy Houses Party

21. Fiesta Party

22. Pirate in the Pool Party

23. Your Kids Favorite Singer Party

24. Fairy, Unicorn, or Mermaid Party

25. Alice in Wonderland Tea Party

26. Dance, Disco Party

27. Under the Sea Party

28. Volcano Building Party

29. Rock Wall Climbing Party

30. Toy Story Party

31. Fort Building Party

32. Painting Party

33. Cookie Decorating

34. Planting a Garden: Or each of the kids could plant something in their own flower pot with their name on it.

35. Building a Snow Fort Party

36. Building Snow Sculptures – Have tools and food coloring for the kids

37. Buried Treasure Party

38. Mini Olympics

39. Sledding Party

40. Backyard Campfire

41. Hawaiian Party

42. Any Nation Party- Pick only one

43. Global Party

44. Once Upon a Time Party

45. Talent Show

46. Magic Show

47. Making Your Own Stuffed Animal Party

48. Make a Video Time Capsule Party: Have a list of questions to ask each child and show it back to them in the years to come.

49. Wizards, Dragons and Mythical Creature Party

50. Paper Mache Party

51. Zip line Party


Please add your ideas or comments below.

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