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How to get kids outside to play

In this digital age where Xboxes and Playstations are becoming a child’s best friend, it is getting harder and harder to figure out how to get kids outside to play and enjoy some physical and fun activities. Though the digital age has brought many learning and growth benefits, it has also induced a lack of desire for some kids to engage in the simpler forms of learning found in outside fun activities with friends..


Here are some ideas you can use to encourage your kids to participate in outdoor activities:

  • Start them out at an early age, make it a habit to be outside.
  • Hang out with your kids, have a picnic party in the backyard, take a nature excursion.
  • Turn your backyard into a mini amusement park, there are plenty of exciting products available to excite and engage kids of any age.
  • Take field trips to the zoo, aquariums, planetariums, you never know just what might inspire life long interests and fascinations.
  • Equip your backyard with swing sets, jungle gyms and other equipment that encourage physical activity.
  • Organize a treasure hunt in your backyard. Involve some simple math or word problems as part of the clue. The combination of mental and physical exercise is a win win situation. A little effort goes a long way to encourage healthy growth and good long term habits.
  • Make birthday and Christmas gifts ones that are based on outside activities as opposed to electronics and games that encourage hours of sedentary  behavior. (Thanks for asking and yes we do have some suggestions on the site).
  • Encourage simple activities like building a snowman in winter or playing in a pile of raked leaves in the fall. Simple, cost free (unless you count buying the house of course) and hours of fun family entertainment.

Think back to the magical days of being a kid, what memories do you have that inspired and fascinated you. I grew up in a family with eight kids and we would spend all day in the backyard. Seasons didn’t matter; we had a rink in the winter and a jungle gym in the summer to keep us outside and happy all day. My best childhood memories are the simple ones, like the freedom of being outside on a swing in the sunshine.

One of my earliest memories was digging in a sandbox trying to reach China. I remember my parents saying that China was on the other side of the world and so (not being the sharpest tool in the shed) I decided I would dig my way there.  Having become more experienced in earthly matters; I would now choose air transport, but hey, live and learn right. A sandbox, pail, shovel and some imagination can be all a kid needs for hours of fun.

Remember that as children grow up they will embrace the lifestyle of their parents. Get outside, have fun yourself and the kids will follow.

For our children to develop and grow in today’s society there needs to be a combination of educational electronics and a real world outside experience.

Our job is to find the right balance.

Thanks for visiting and please leave any questions or comments below.

Sincerely, The KBT Team


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