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How to Buy a Swing Set -Get your information here.

Kids backyard play structures.

If you’re researching how to buy a swing set, there are a couple of factors you may want to consider. There are many models to choose from and hopefully the pointers below will help you zero in on what would suit you and your family best.


There are many makes and models in every price point. Figure out what your budget is. Is this a long term investment or is it a temporary child swing until he or she grows into a big boy swing? If you’re looking for something long term try looking at the cost per use. The cheapest isn’t always the best deal. Sometimes its better to invest in something that can weather the test of time and last for years. So find the one that suits your needs best. If its over your budget maybe wait until it goes on sale. Remember you’re going to be looking at it for years to come.


All kids equipment goes through rigorous testing before its allowed to be sold to consumers. But as a parent you may have other safety concerns once you get it home.This is an issue that will vary, for each parent; and, of course your child’s age is also going to matter. How high off the ground the swing sits is important; In case your child falls off, you want a shorter drop to the ground, to avoid major injuries. Construction should be solid. It should be a commercial grade metal if you plan on having a lot of older children on it at once. The materials below the set, should also provide cushioning, for a softer fall.

How Big is Your Yard ? 
You have to consider the size of your yard, and what else you have outside. If you have a small patio set outside, or a work shed, you have to find the swing set that is large enough for the kids to enjoy, while still having room left for you to enjoy the yard.
Carefully Measure Everything: the furniture, yard size, tool shed, where your pets play, etc; doing this will help you envision the new set, and will allow you to find one that is suitable for your yard’s size.

The Features 
Will it have a slide set, monkey bar set, forts, ropes, tires, etc. Ask your kids what they want, and keep in mind their age, as well as the friends who will come over to play with them. Make sure you have room for these features, that they are safe for your kids, and that they are going to add value to the set.


The set must be durable and very sturdy. Plastic or wood base materials are most commonly used by manufacturers; wood is more durable and eco-friendly, but plastic is safer and cheaper. Consider where you live and weather proof accordingly. eg. winters, lots of rain, snow etc. This will make the decision process a little easier.

Another tip to consider before buying, is to read customer reviews, about the sets you are considering. Make sure they meet all safety standards, read about how much kids love or dislike the sets, learn about the different uses and features. Many consumers trust other consumers, and their experience with many products; this should be the same when buying a swing set for your kids.

When learning the steps in how to buy a swing set for your kids, there are many questions parents should ask.These are some of the most common questions and concerns to go over, prior to deciding. Not only will the answers to these questions help you make an informed choice, but reviews and online tips might also help you save on the price of a particular set, when you are ready to choose one.

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