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How to Buy a Kids Trampoline – What You Need to Know

If you would like to know how to buy a kids trampoline, maybe we can help. It can be a daunting task with so many sizes and options to choose from. Trampolines have a high fun factor and therefore are usually good purchases for keeping the kids entertained and exercising all at the same time. Parents should however be concerned about the actual design, safely features, material and value for money in order to make smart buying choices.


 When it comes to children’s equipment you can rest assured that if you’re buying new, from a retailer, that it has been manufactured to the highest standards possible. The manufacturing and government standards are high and contribute to a safer experience but injuries can still happen and mainly occur due to collisions, improper landings or falling on or off the structure.. It is very important that certain ground rules are set and followed so that your kids can stay injury free and enjoy this very healthy outdoor activity. Of course supervision of young children at all times is necessary and one child at a time on the equipment is the safest way to avoid collision injuries.

The trampoline should have an impact- absorbing mat to lessen the impact on joints. It should also have padded frames and springs. If at all possible, for piece of mind, install the trampoline in a pit so that the mat is ground level. Many brands also come with safety netting surrounding the trampoline, netting can also be purchased separately. It is a good idea as it will prevent kids from bouncing off the tramp and onto the ground.

 Your Backyard (Is it suitable?)

Of course size matters. There has to be enough room, not just for the trampoline, but also for easy access on and off. I have learned, the hard way, that it`s always best to measure first before you fall in love with something that is just not suitable. The yard should also be prepared by removing any objects surrounding the trampoline. The ground can be layered with mulch, or surround the area with rubber matting to protect from injuries in case of a fall.


 The trampoline should be an Impact-Absorbing and a Sturdy, Reinforced Structure that can withstand the pressure that energetic youngsters put on it. It should also be capable of standing the test of time based on the fact that it will be exposed to the elements.

 Value for Money

 At some point during this process you will have to figure out if you’re going to buy new or used. I have nothing against second hand but remember that just because you can get it cheap doesn’t necessarily mean you’re getting a deal . Always do a thorough inspection first. Check for local compliance, check the springs , make sure that it is not rusted out on the bottom and that the padding is intact as well as safety handles etc. Weigh the pros and cons of the price of replacement parts and also make sure that they can be replaced. You also have to think of the longevity. Is this just a temporary childs trampoline or would you like it to remain functional for your kids as they grow. You may also realize that the teenagers want their turn, too. If you have adults and older kids using the equipment you need to look at bigger and more commercial trampolines.


No matter what model you decide to buy, I know from experience, it should bring your family much laughter and many happy memories.

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