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How Old Are Toddlers?

When looking for tips on raising children or even to research the best toys to buy for toddlers. The first question that comes to mind is, How old are toddlers? According to en.wikipedia.org a child between the ages of one and three is considered a toddler. Obviously, not all kids grow and develop at exactly the same rate. It is up to the parent to decide if a toy or program is right for their child at any specific time.

Tools and toys that promote the mastery of skills should be considered in order to aid your child in their development. If a toddler is at the learning to walk stage. It would be beneficial for them to have some sort of wheeled push toy to help them keep their balance while moving around. At an early toddler stage it is normal for a child to develop some sort of attachment to a particular toy or object.
Toddlers grow and develop mentally and physically naturally, but it is your choice of tools and toys that will aid them in that growth. Learning to ride a toy car is great for the imagination and terrific in developing leg strength and mobility skills.
Building blocks have been a favorite toy for toddlers because as the toddler grows they will become progressively more skilled at playing with them. As a one year old they develop a skill of banging two blocks together. By the time that they are two years old they will have progressed to skillfully building a stack of five blocks.
Between the ages of one and two your toddler will enjoy mimicking parental activities. This would be a great time to get them a toy lawnmower or gardening toys. They can be by your side in the great outdoors. They can mimic your activities as you garden and maintain the yard. In the winter they can be by your side with a toy snow shovel. Little do they know that you are actually training them for future years when you make them do it for real.
By the time a toddler turns 2 they will start to mimic social behaviour such as feeding a doll or having a tea party. It is around the 2 year mark that you can also introduce games that involve taking turns. They begin to interact socially, sometimes it goes well and sometimes it doesn’t.These are the years of the tantrum. Be prepared to hear the word “no” yelled at you a lot.By the end of their toddler time, kids will begin to play with toys in imaginative ways. They will know how to play different games and will have developed increased dexterity with small objects. This allows them to be able to do things like join puzzle pieces together. They will become increasingly independent and will begin to vocalize preferences in what they enjoy doing for entertainment and what clothing they want to wear.

There you have it folks. Toddlerhood in a nutshell.

Good luck out there.


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