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Choosing Age Appropriate Toys

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Whether you are looking for toys for your own children or buying gifts for others, sometimes choosing age appropriate toys can be a challenge. It’s a big world out there and not every child has the same tastes and interests. Luckily there are enough similarities that by following some gender and age guidelines you can make your choice popular. Nothing worse than the look of disappointment on a kids face when you make the wrong choice.

The younger a child is, the quicker they will outgrow a toy. That’s why it’s not really advisable to sink a bunch of cash into permanent expensive play structures for toddlers or really little kids. Buy backyard toys that can be easily moved and resold when your child grows out of them.

Toys For Toddlers

Toddlers are considered to be from 1 to 3 years of age. These are the guys that can grow out of toys real quick if you don’t buy wisely. Activity toys like play dough are fantastic for toddlers two years and up. Hours of fun using their imagination and learning colors and shapes.
Match toys to progressive development of your child. When they are starting to stand and learning to walk, a push toy is an excellent way of helping them keep their balance while upright.
Building blocks are a must for the toddler stage. As they age they will use the blocks in different ways. At the start they will develop skills just by banging two blocks together or throwing them around. As they get a little older they will develop more dexterity and will begin to have the skill of stacking the blocks.
Toddlers between 2 and 3 years of age start to mimic adult activities and some great toys for them are things like, toy lawn mowers or snow shovels. A sandbox is always good for hours of entertainment with just the purchase of a plastic pail and shovel.
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Ages 3-5

This is the age where children begin to utilize skills that will make them self sufficient. Things like using the bathroom, feeding and dressing themselves are some examples. This is the age where children begin to interact with their peers and start to socialize. This will happen naturally but as a parent you can aid in this development tremendously by providing the right setting for fun and interaction. At this age exercise and fun activities go hand in hand.
A swing set or small bounce house in the backyard are a couple of great ways to encourage social interaction with peers. This is an important time in development. The preschool years are a time where individual personalities emerge. It is also a time to start introducing games with rules where taking turns and sharing are involved. Interactive games with rules also teach patience and start to alleviate the impulsive actions of young children.Interactive games also help to develop social skills and introduce decision making.
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Ages 5-8

Beginning at age 5, a child will have lots of energy. Their balance and coordination will be such that they can perform most ball-related skills such as throwing, kicking,catching and bouncing. Some kids will have more athletic abilities than others but no matter what the level, physical activity should be encouraged. All children need to be encouraged to get outside and interact with their peers and participate in all different kinds of exercise. Bounce houses and trampolines are a great purchase to keep this age group occupied. They have high energy levels and it takes a long time for them to become fatigued. If they play hard all day and eat a healthy balanced diet. They will sleep well and be able to excel at the physical as well as the mental challenges and learning part of school life.
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Ages 9-12

In most cases this is the age where some interests and activities of boys and girls start to go in different directions. You can never go wrong though by encouraging outdoor activities that promote physical activity. These years can be an awkward time. Boys and girls of this age group seek independence from parents and start to look for friends and not family for support.
This is a good time for kids to be involved in organized sport. They want to be with their peers and not their family for the most part. With organised or team sports they will develop and be able to experience the guidance of other adults like coaches while at the same time being in an environment where you know they are safe and learning. There is also a shift at this age to a more academic learning at school as opposed to learning through games and activities.  
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