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Best Outdoor Winter Toys – Just add your imagination

backyard winter toys

It’s Winter and the kids are restless; you’re going to need the best outdoor winter toys to get them going to release all that energy.  These days, the selection of toys online is a wonderland all in itself. You can buy snow forts that don’t melt and kits that turn snowmen into dinosaurs. Holy smokes, kids today are lucky, they don’t even have to pack their own snowballs (there’s a toy for that) and then they don’t even have to throw them. They can just use the new Whamo Snow Crossbow or Solo Snow Ball Blaster.  The selection of shiny things available these days makes me want to be a kid all over again.  

You might need the toys to entice the kids to go out, but once you get them outside and used to the weather there are plenty of activities to keep them moving and occupied for hours. Get out the shovels, most little ones between age 2-5 love to help their parents shovel snow from the driveway. 

 A backyard with a little snow and a few accessories can be a winter wonderland for your kids and their friends. One of the bonuses of having a fun backyard is that the kids will want to stick around. Make your yard the go to place for all your kids friends. If they hang out at your place you can keep an eye on them and always know what they’re up to and that they’re safe.

 Build a snow fort in the backyard, take a few hours with the kids and build a masterpiece. Make sure to take some pictures because, lets face it, the masterpiece is gonna melt sometime. But, hey, that will just give you an excuse to do it all over again. My best childhood memories are the simple ones, like snowball fights, making snow angels or skating on the backyard rink with my siblings and parents, With the right accessories and a little bit of imagination you can make winters in your backyard a magical time for your family.

 Wow, I can’t believe I almost forgot to mention the absolute best winter backyard activity of all, it’s building a snowman of course (or I guess in today’s politically correct world, building a snowperson). Make a day of it, get creative, have a competition to see who can build the best one. Get out the accessories and show these kids how it’s done. They’ll  be having so much fun they won’t even know they’re exercising, and when the day is done, all of that restless energy will be spent and they’ll be asleep in no time.


We wish you and your family a great and magical winter.


Sincerely, The KBT Team


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