Backyard Safari Toys – Get Outside And Have Fun

Backyard safari toys.

Some kids love the outdoors and some need a little motivation to get outside and have fun. Create some scientific fun with a collection of backyard safari toys. A little role playing with a backyard safari theme could be just the ticket to get your little scientist outside and having fun with family and friends. Science, nature and fresh air could be a winning combination for your kids. Exercise, fun and learning is what the backyard safari is all about.

Get creative with this selection of backyard safari toys!

Backyard Safari Cargo Vest

You can’t expect a kid to go on a safari without the proper dress.This backyard safari vest is just the ticket with enough pockets to carry all the tools and gear. Made rugged and durable for kids 5 years and older it even has a large zipper pocket to store your field binoculars. Comes with an adventure guide this vest is a must have for safari adventure and role play.

Backyard Safari 6 in 1 Field Tools

A kid needs tools for a proper safari adventure. The 6 in 1 tool kit includes tool ring, telescoping magnet, angling mirror, 4 inch field tongs, mini shovel, excavating pick and more. Great accessories for the above safari vest. Everything that you need for work out in the field.

Backyard Safari Field Binoculars

These binoculars are a great stand-alone toy or as part of the whole safari package. They are for children 6 years and up and have a 5 x 30 magnifying power with adjustable focus and soft and safe rubber eye cups. They are rugged and waterproof, these are an essential tool for scouting, spying and exploring. Comes with it’s own lanyard.

Backyard Safari Ultimate Outdoor Explorer’s Gift Basket – Perfect for Easter, Christmas, Birthdays, Get Well, or Other Occasion!

This is an amazing package and the ultimate collection of safari toys all in one gift basket. It includes a backyard rock excavator kit, safari hat, wet/dry field kit, safari cargo vest, magnifying glass science kit, binoculars and more. What a great gift this would be for any kid 6 years and up.

Adventure Kids Bug Catcher Box Set

Affordable and fun, the adventure kids bug catcher box set is for kids 3 years and older. It comes complete with many fun and unique tools for bug collecting. Wrist compass, viewsphere, safety tweezers, transfer capsule and 3x view window for hours of observational learning.

Backyard Safari Base Camp Shelter

The base camp shelter comes with the field shelter, carry bag, poles, mini lantern and more. It is easy to assemble and made of sturdy lightweight construction, it is weather resistant with a zippered rear window and moisture-proof floor lining.