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adventure toys

Great adventure toys make the best childhood memories. Combine adventure with educational outdoor toys and you’ve given your kids a recipe for success. This is hours of fun, learning and exercise for kids, and it all comes in a bag. Magnifying Glass, Binoculars, Flashlight, Compass and Butterfly Net make this explorer Kit a great gift for your kids. One purchase that will give the kids hours of healthy activities. Role playing, hiking and development of a love for nature are just some of the benefits.

adventure toys

Five Toy Adventure Set

Your kids will enjoy this ultimate educational and fun way of spending time learning about nature and getting some exercise in the great outdoors. Comes with it’s own bag for ease of portability. Keep the set together in the bag so that you can easily bring it camping or anywhere you go.

Kids safari toys are one of the best ways to encourage team building skills and role play. This is a five toy set that is very affordable and high quality.

Perfect gift for boys and girls. The high quality binoculars are made with shockproof rubber to make them super comfortable. They are easy to focus and are built to handle accidental drops. Keep them around your neck for bird watching with the neck strap. Great for orienteering, animal watching, sports, safari and exploring nature. Need to find your way? No problem, this fun set comes with a compass. Your kids can learn about directions and how to read maps. This compass is accurate due to it’s liquid filled design. Hang it from your belt loop, keychain or backpack. Exploring at night is no problem because this set comes with a compact flashlight that has two LED lights. Great for reading secret manuscripts in the tent or playhouse during secret meetings. The included magnifying glass is pocket sized with levels X3 and X10. Perfect for studying insects, rocks, flowers and nature. Capture, study and release insects and colorful butterflies with the safari net.

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